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Competition law is a field of law which influences and covers basically all areas of business. Still it seems sometimes that the competition law is somewhat distant from the companies in our region. At the same time, the sanctions for the infringements in that area are getting stricter and stricter. So here we are - to introduce you the principles of competition law, to bring you the latest news in the discipline and to show you that competition law is one of the most interesting areas of law.


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Meet The Team

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Piibe Lehtsaar

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Piibe is an attorney-at-law in Sorainen Estonia. 

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Lise-Lotte Lääne

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Lise-Lotte is an attorney-at-law in Sorainen Estonia. 


Marika Grunte

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Marika is an attorney-at-law in Sorainen Latvia. 

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Kaupo Lepasepp

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Kaupo is an attorney-at-law and partner in Sorainen Estonia. 

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Liisa Kuuskmaa

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Liisa is a legal assistant in Sorainen Estonia. 

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Dobile Minkute

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Dobile is an associate in Sorainen Lithuania. 

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Kaspar Endrikson

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Kaspar is an attorney-at-law in Sorainen Estonia. 


Linda Reneslace

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Linda is an associate in Sorainen Latvia.